Thursday, February 16, 2006

Random pictures

College friends in April 2005
(back - Bob, Tamara and Alan Barth, Ginger Sumerlin; middle - Mike Stilen, Joy Stilen, Paul Carter, Debra Achenbach, David Sumerlin; front - me)

Flowers, tree, and birdhouse in front of my house last spring

Finding out my sister, Sally, was pregnant with Mason outside the hotel at our White family reunion in June

My sister, Sarah, and me playing badminton at our White family reunion in June

My sister, Becky, and Andy at our Chandler family reunion in September

Angela Gregory and me with Jonah Wagner, son of Doug and Callie Wagner (college friends)

Mike and Joy Stilen at Thanksgiving

Some college friends and me over Thanksgiving
(left to right - Joy Deming Stilen, John and Chasity Angel Akiki and their four children, me)

Me and Bob at Christmas

Bob and my dad at Christmas

Another one of Bob and my dad at Christmas

Bob and my mom at Christmas

My little Christmas tree

Burping my nephew, Mason

Me in front of the Jefferson Memorial

Valentine's Day flowers from Bob

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just another weekend

Well, Bob and I finally had a normal weekend for a change. Every weekend this year we've either been sick or out of town, or Bob's had to work. It was nice to get back into our normal routine.

This was the last weekend for one of our ministers at Southland. He's going to a church in Boulder, Colorado. It was amazing to hear about the church. There is so much diversity in the world that we rarely get to interact with unless we go outside our comfort zone. I pray his ministry will be strong in Boulder.

Lexington got some snow this weekend. We got a couple of inches, I guess. Nothing to write home about. Actually, the snow told on someone... there are tire tracks right through the nice grassy area in the middle of my neighborhood. Shame on whomever did that!

Today I am finally taking down my Christmas decorations. Yes, I still have them up! I guess I reallllly like them. :-)

I'm already thinking about making another trip to Philly in the spring. I enjoy looking at the pictures on the blog Sally set up for him. I check it every day to see if there are updates. (Same with Becky's blog... love seeing those pictures of Drew!)