Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Donny Hathaway

Ummm, I just discovered this singer... Donny Hathaway. Donny, where have you been all my life??

Monday, March 27, 2006


Last weekend was awesome!

Bob and I drove down to Nashville Friday night so I could see my friend's band play--The Apparitions. Sarah and I went along with her friend, Amber. Bob got to meet Sarah's boyfriend, Daniel, and his son Dylan. Unfortunately I don't have pictures from the show, but you can check out the band's web sites for all the goods: http://www.theapparitions.net/ and http://www.myspace.com/theapparitions

Saturday morning we got up early [early for me anyway ;-)] and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The food was great, but Sarah had a migraine. Fortunately she got over it quickly!

After breakfast, Bob and I drove around Nashville for a few hours. We ate at Demos' in downtown Nashville (mmmm, lasagna!) before heading to Cookeville.

Once in Cookeville, Bob and I drove around for an hour or so. He drove us around some places I had never been before. (He lived there most of his life, so knows all the back roads.) Afterward, we drove to his parents' house in Pickett County, TN.

Saturday night was rather uneventul. We had his mom's homemade potato soup for dinner (yummy!) and watched TV. We even got a nap in!

Sunday we went to church and then had a big birthday lunch for Bob and his cousin, Nell. Bob's birthday is this Wednesday. Happy birthday, Bob! (I won't tell how many candles you'll be blowing out. *grin*)

Although it was a tiring weekend, it was lots of fun. We got to see many faces (some new!) and many places (some new!).