Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Repairs/Improvements

Some photos of the repairs and improvements we're having done at the house to get it ready to sell.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Landscaping - after photos!

The landscapers left about an hour and a half ago. The landscaping looks great!

Of course, this wouldn't go perfectly smoothly. I locked myself out of the house!! I was freaking out. Bob works 30+ miles away, all of the neighbors are at work, and we don't have a spare key hidden anywhere outside. (We will now!) Anyway, I figured I'd try the back door... just in case. I couldn't believe it... it was unlocked! I haven't used that door since Saturday. Bob and I don't recall him going out it yesterday. I can only imagine that it's been unlocked since Saturday. Either that, or it was a miracle! Either way, we're fortunate.

First, a few in-progress photos...

Already looking better!

These are some big shrubs!

The one on the right broke two of their tow straps. They said that had never happened before. Oops!

A view from the top. Sorry it's so blurry; I took it from an upstairs window.

Another view from the top. This one shows the truck they used to carry the mulch and their tools.

And now... on to the "after" photos. While I'm posting these, I'm noticing that people in the neighborhood are slowing down as they pass our yard. I love it! Enjoy!!

Has it been a year?

Wow... I haven't updated my blog in over a year. Sad!

Well, I have a great new post to share. This one contains photos of our "landscaping" before we had work done on it. We're preparing the house so we can put it on the market. First up... landscaping! We've got other things going on. I'll post about those as they happen. For now, here are the before photos. After photos coming shortly!

This one is from 2007.

The rest are were taken over the last couple of days.

These two big shrubs had to go. I'm so embarrassed they got so untidy!

We're having these two smaller trees trimmed so you can see more of the house from the street.

More shrubs in dire need of a trim. We're also having the wood trim removed and having the mulch around all the trees and shrubs refreshed.

This tree blocks the sidewalk and has hit me in the face a couple of times. They're taking care of that for us. :-)

This is another tree that blocks the view of the house. It's getting quite a trimming!

Here's a view of the flower bed where the weeds are being removed and the mulch is being replaced. They are also splitting the liriope (the grass-looking plants) and adding some tulips and daffodils.