Monday, June 30, 2008

Sneak peak at our professional photos

Here's one of my faves. You can go here to see the rest:

This is just a few. We'll get the rest on a DVD later. Enjoy!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The real Andy Griffith

As we were setting up the reception room on Friday afternoon, Andy Griffith (someone I used to work with, left in the photo) happened to walk by. I couldn't believe it! I haven't seen him in years, and here he comes walking by! There was a conference at the Seminary that he was attending. How crazy that we had planned to visit Andy Griffith land during our honeymoon! It was destined!!

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The honeymoon is over!

Bob and I got back last night at 11:22 PM after a long, fun week. We went to Savannah, Tybee Island, Hilton Head, Charleston, Charlotte, and Mt. Airy, NC. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos we took along the way.

Unfortunately, we both caught colds during the last part of the honeymoon. Bob is pretty much over his, but I am still stuffering. Hopefully I'll get better soon, so I can go back to work. Fun fun. :)

At the theater in Mt. Airy

A statue of Andy and Opie donated by TV Land




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Photos of me and Bob in Mt. Airy

Celebrating our 1-week anniverary with a kiss (at 1:30 PM on Saturday, 6/28)


Bob and me at Barney's Cafe

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More Mt. Airy photos

Andy Griffith's childhood home


My new mantra :)


Squad car reminiscent of the Andy Griffith show


One of the many beautiful homes in Mt. Airy

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Firefighter's pole

Bob and I "sliding" down the pole.


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Mt. Airy Museum

Isn't it ironic that as I'm posting these photos, I'm watching "The Andy Griffith Show"??



A quilt with one square from each of the 100 counties in North Carolina

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Wally's Service station

Goober says, "Hey!"


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Friday, June 27, 2008


This was a fun restaurant!



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Mt. Airy, NC

Mt. Airy is the hometown of the actor, Andy Griffith. On Main Street, there are several proprietorships with names that will be familiar to those of you who watch "The Andy Griffith Show."



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Main Street in Mt. Airy




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The ride to Mt. Airy was beautiful




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24-inch rims

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Charlotte scenery

Friday we drove around downtown Charlotte before heading to Mt. Airy, NC.


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