Sunday, April 23, 2006

2 years

Yep, Bob and I have now been dating for 2 years. April 23, 2004 was our first date, during which we ate at Hall's on the River, drove through Fort Boonesborough, and watched "Pirates of the Carribean." I still remember what both of us wore and pretty much everything else about the date. Our next date was one month later... May 23, 2004, shortly after I moved into my house. Today we went to the 11:30 AM service at Southland Christian Church, ate lunch at Malone's (yummy baked spuds!), and watched "The Sentinel." Thanks, Bob, for two wonderful years. I love you!

(This is my favorite picture of us, taken in July 2004 in Jackson, TN.)

In other news, the next couple of months are going to be very busy. In a couple of weeks, we'll be travelling to Bob's parents' for a church building dedication (they remodelled the basement/kitchen/fellowship hall). Of course, there's Mother's Day and Memorial Day. And in June we're going to a White Family reunion in Fairfield, IL. That weekend is also Bob's father's birthday, so we'll be going there for another visit. It's gonna be a long, fun weekend!

(My dad and his siblings at last year's White Family reunion.)

In May, June, and July I will be involved in a technical leadership development program at work. It's designed to help potential leaders develop their skills leading technical people. I am honored to be given the opportunity to participate. Only 20 or so people across Lexmark are invited every year. The program spans 3 months... 2 or 3 days each month. If you can't be there all of the sessions, you can't participate. I got a notice in late March that I was selected for jury duty starting in May. Oh, no!! What to do?!? Doh... ask for a postponement, of course! So I did, claiming that I had business meetings that I couldn't miss. I was expecting to be turned down, but last week I found out that they agreed to postpone my jury duty until August, so I can participate in the program. Woo hoo! I'm really excited about it. Not only will I gain valuable leadership skills, but I'll meet people that I normally would never get to. My job doesn't afford me the opportunity to work with people outside of my department very often. I've been wondering what I'll do after my work is done in my current job (if it ever is...) so this will be a great opportunity to make some contacts in my company. Plus, rumor is that last session, which takes place out-of-town, will be at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, which is where I spent two summers as a Space Camp counselor. Could it get more awesomer? :-)

Also, this weekend I bought an iPod. Yes! Love it!! Holds all of my iTunes music and photos with lots of room to spare. Just need to get the FM transmitter so I can play my iTunes music while I drive. iTunes is the perfect marketing trap for immediate-gratification-gotta-have-it-now people like me.

Life is awesome.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

This weekend (in progress...)

Bob and I drove down to TN to visit my parents and sister. There were lots of dangerous storms all over west and middle Tennessee yesterday but we managed to escape them. We barely got any rain at my parents' house. Others weren't so fortunate. There were several tornadoes that did a lot of damage, especially just north of Nashville.

Today (Saturday) Bob, Becky, Andy, Drew, and I went to Chuck E. Cheese's for some pizza and games. Bob and I played Wheel of Fortune, The Simpsons pinball, and air hockey, which I won *smile*. (I'll try to post pictures later.) Afterward, Drew had her picture taken with the Easter bunny. Hopefully my sister will post it on her LiveJournal (hint, hint). Tonight we're going to have dinner with my family and then try to hang out with my good friend, Staci and her son, Peyton.

Tomorrow we'll go to church, have lunch, and then head back to Kentucky. I'm sure we'll see some tornado damage as we drive through Nashville.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


This isn't too far off from the truth...

You Are a Boston Creme Donut

You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.

But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.

You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.

You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out.