Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photo roundup!

Here's a bunch of pictures from the last month or so. Enjoy!

Grandpa White lounging in his new pajamas - Christmas

Drew and Mason sharing some cousinly love - Christmas

Drew helping Bob with the 1000-piece puzzle - Christmas

Mom studying the puzzle - Christmas

Mason's best asset (tee hee) - Christmas (pajamas courtesy of Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob)

Yummy! - Christmas

Mason trimming the Christmas tree

Sally and Chris opening their Christmas gifts

Andy and his little Super Star - Christmas

Susan loves her nephew - Christmas

Lucas helping Grandpa White open Christmas gifts

Becky, Lucas, and me - Christmas

Sarah and me after exchanging Christmas gifts at Casa de Nelson

Daniel, me, and Bob's legs - Christmas

Bob, Dylan, and me - Christmas
(Bob Dylan - tee hee)

Bob and me at Sarah and Daniel's - Christmas

Dylan demonstrating his magicianlike-prowess - Christmas

Dylan opening his Christmas gift from Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob

Lucas admiring his older cousin, Mason - Christmas

Cutsie Drew - Christmas

Bob and me at Bob's parents' house - Christmas

No, my dad is not this tall - Thanksgiving